Finding the Right Shutters for Your Home Can Be Easier if You Have a Professional to Help You

When it comes to window coverings, the company of Don’s Drapery Service will be the place you want to look for all of your window coverings. They can help you with any drapery needs or any window treatment needs such as blinds, shades and shutters. They are equipped to help you find just the perfect window coverings for every room. Once you experience the many benefits that this store has to offer, you will always want to go back. They have a wide assortment of Hunter Douglas blinds, shades and shutters. They are a premiere dealer for Hunter Douglas products. You will enjoy looking through their vast assortment of product. If you are interested in draperies, they can also service you in this area also. They can show you how you can choose the blinds that you want and then use a drapery or valance to go with them. They have an array of fabrics that are lovely and you can use it for throw pillows, drapery or valance needs or to recover existing furniture. shadesYou will never be disappointed with the fabric choices as well as the choices that are available when it comes to shades, shutters and blinds.

When it comes to quality, you will find it with Hunter Douglas products. When it comes to shutters they have the finest in the market and they guarantee that the moving parts will always work or they will be fixed or replaced free of charge. This is a great guarantee and you will feel very secure knowing that you have such a quality product. Once you have the window coverings that you want for your new home, you will feel very good about your choices. They can have their expert installers take care of the installation and you won’t have to worry about anything. Once they take your order, they will come and measure and then they will order your products. Once they come in, they will have their expert installers put all of your window coverings up for you. It’s always best to stick with the experts and installation is very important as it can make the job look like a homemade project or a professionally installed job. You will want to make sure that you let the experts do the job so that things will look good and you won’t regret that you had someone else do it. Having the job done right is the best way to look like you have a wonderful product.

There are also many different kinds of window shades to choose from. With Hunter Douglas products you will have a wide array of quality products that you can choose from and you will be happy that you were able to have some expert opinions to guide you in your choices. Picking just the right window coverings is very stressful sometimes because you want to make sure that it looks good in the designated window of your home, apartment or office. You will find just what you need at Don’s Drapery Service.


When it Comes to Window Shades, You will Love Looking at the Large Variety

If you have been wanting to make some changes to your home, you may decide that it’s time to change all of your window coverings. There are some great products on the market and you will be able to find just what you need when you visit Don’s Drapery Service. They are a premiere dealer for Hunter Douglas products and they can get just the window treatments that you want for your home. Once you see the great array of blinds, shades and shutters, you will enjoy looking through the products and trying the demonstrations that are available. This store loves to have people come in and ask questions and look around. With the team of experts that they have available they can help you find the perfect products by asking you questions and if they need to come out and look at your home, they can do that too. They are in the market to help you pick the best products for your needs and they want to make sure that you are happy with the products that you decide on.shades If you want draperies, they can help you in this area also. They have a large assortment of fabrics that you can sort through and try to figure out just what you want. They can make sure that you are happy with your picks and they will make sure that you are happy even after they are installed.

Don’s Drapery Service is a premier Hunter Douglas dealer and they want to make sure that you get the products that you are interested in with the budget that you have. They can advise you as to the best products for you to get with your budget needs. There are an amazing company and they want you to be happy. There are so many different products and if you are interested in blinds, they can show you the large assortment of blinds that are available. Many times people will choose plain blinds so that they can add a valance or draperies on the window also. You will love the many options that are available with these wonderful blinds and draperies. They can install your blinds for you and they can make sure that you are satisfied with what you decide on. Many times blinds and draperies or valances will complement each other. You will love having all of the help that you are getting from the experts so that you can have just what you want in the way of window products.

You will love working with this family friendly store that feature Hunter Douglas Blinds. They will make sure that you are happy and they will want you to love your window treatments after they are installed. You will be happy that you are able to love your home now with the new window treatments. Their professional installers will make sure that you are pleased with the installation. They will be in and out of your home and have everything cleaned up in no time.


The internet has perhaps been the most important factor in the drop in window coverings prices in recent years. Just a decade ago, the window coverings industry was one which required a lot of people on the sales end of the business. A window treatment shop needed to employ several works to take charge of delivery and installation, and another group to run the customer service center, and yet another group to lead sales. A small window coverings shop might have had more than fifteen employees to run a small operation. Today, online companies such as, can accomplish far more business for their clients with only a fraction of the number of workers. The cost saved on employing so many people has turned into a huge amount of savings for customers. A normal set of window shutter was selling for around a hundred dollars in the year 1998, compare that to the current asking price which is around 80 dollars, and you can see what a tremendous difference the internet has made. Also, keep in mind that the cost of products in general in this country has gone up by almost double in many areas. The internet has indeed taken over as the primary sales platform for most types of products, yet that has not always translated into a large amount of savings for the customer. The online window treatment market is a special example of one area which has really helped reduce the cost for its clients.

The cost of materials for many types of window coverings has also fallen since the 90’s. The most popular window treatment in the country is and has been Hunter Douglas shutters, and luckily for people that are fans of this type of window covering, they can now be purchased for a relatively low cost. The majority of window shutters are made from plastic, and whereas the quality of plastic has only been getting better over the years, the price has only been getting lower. There have been several large steps forward in plastic technology which allow people to produce higher grade plastics for a very low cost. Plastics factories have been receiving more order for plastic shutters and blinds than ever before, as the low cost has helped drive up consumer interest. For folks that are concerned about the planet, the better processes now used for plastics are great news too, since almost half of all new window coverings made form plastics, use recycled plastics in their process. New processes for producing plastics continue to emerge all the time, so it may not be long until the price for many window coverings drops once again.

Lastly, the cost of window coverings is lower than ever before because of all the competition that exist today. The nation has thousands of window coverings companies, and whenever you have such a huge number of people working within an industry, the prices drop and the quality rises. The fact that the window treatment market is also now opening to international trade, is going to be an additional factor for lower window coverings prices.