The internet has perhaps been the most important factor in the drop in window coverings prices in recent years. Just a decade ago, the window coverings industry was one which required a lot of people on the sales end of the business. A window treatment shop needed to employ several works to take charge of delivery and installation, and another group to run the customer service center, and yet another group to lead sales. A small window coverings shop might have had more than fifteen employees to run a small operation. Today, online companies such as www.donsdraperyservice.com, can accomplish far more business for their clients with only a fraction of the number of workers. The cost saved on employing so many people has turned into a huge amount of savings for customers. A normal set of window shutter was selling for around a hundred dollars in the year 1998, compare that to the current asking price which is around 80 dollars, and you can see what a tremendous difference the internet has made. Also, keep in mind that the cost of products in general in this country has gone up by almost double in many areas. The internet has indeed taken over as the primary sales platform for most types of products, yet that has not always translated into a large amount of savings for the customer. The online window treatment market is a special example of one area which has really helped reduce the cost for its clients.

The cost of materials for many types of window coverings has also fallen since the 90’s. The most popular window treatment in the country is and has been Hunter Douglas shutters, and luckily for people that are fans of this type of window covering, they can now be purchased for a relatively low cost. The majority of window shutters are made from plastic, and whereas the quality of plastic has only been getting better over the years, the price has only been getting lower. There have been several large steps forward in plastic technology which allow people to produce higher grade plastics for a very low cost. Plastics factories have been receiving more order for plastic shutters and blinds than ever before, as the low cost has helped drive up consumer interest. For folks that are concerned about the planet, the better processes now used for plastics are great news too, since almost half of all new window coverings made form plastics, use recycled plastics in their process. New processes for producing plastics continue to emerge all the time, so it may not be long until the price for many window coverings drops once again.

Lastly, the cost of window coverings is lower than ever before because of all the competition that exist today. The nation has thousands of window coverings companies, and whenever you have such a huge number of people working within an industry, the prices drop and the quality rises. The fact that the window treatment market is also now opening to international trade, is going to be an additional factor for lower window coverings prices.



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